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EAA Government Relations staff serves the entire general aviation community by successfully working to improve the laws, regulations, and policies that impact general aviation. EAA Members have a voice in shaping future policies and keeping the skies open for all.


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Sport Aviation magazine ($25 value) For Members only, it covers all facets of recreational aviation and is packed with hands on tips, stunning photography, and thoughtful commentary from EAA experts, aviation leaders, and fellow Members.

FREE admission to over 400 museums ($60 value)Just show your EAA Member card and get free admission to over 400 participating museums, including the EAA AirVenture Museum! Our one-of-a-kind aviation collection is sure to inspire you.

FREE SOLIDWORKS Student Design Kit - EAA Maker Edition ($150 value). Members get exclusive access to this CAD software and related training and design instruction.

EAA Aviation Services ($60 value). We're here to help with your technical aviation questions, resolve issues, and make your building, restoring or flying activities go smoothly. 

Member Event Discount ($45 value).  Join the fun or be a spectator at the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event. This is the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration and the hottest aircraft exhibition and aviation show around!

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Aviation software discounts ($25 value)

Car rental discounts ($20 value)

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